July 18, 2024

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Sandy Shores is going mad!

We recently got a anonymous report from a citizen of Sandy Shores to the San Andreas State Police and this is what reads
From an anonymous citizen of Sandy Shores
Dear San Andreas State Police,
The citizens of Sandy Shores are asking no begging for more patrols of our town. We have had a rash of crimes and break ins as well as drugs being transported through our town. We would like for you to try and put a stop to the crime and drugs! Its killing our families and making our lives harder. We used to be a clean town with little to no trouble but now with the drugs coming back and more criminals entering the city we are forced to live in fear as the Sheriffs office was taken over by the criminals after the Sheriff departed from the department 2 years ago. We need more police! We want our small town back to the way it was!


What will the State Police due about the crime that is happening? 

What can we expect from the state police? Will it be like last time where they came in and jumped out on everyone that looked shady or will they step up and do these operations swiftly and take the extra time to make sure they are going after the right people?

Only Time Will Tell!

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