June 17, 2024

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The Three Musketeer Convicts

On January 16th around 8 o’clock at night 3 convicts from the Bolingbroke Penitentiary System escaped south on interstate one. Convicts John Deer ( yes related to that famous John Deer tractor company ) Ryan Victor and Ace Wright. John Deer would eventually turn himself into the sandy shores police station, and is facing life in prison with a long list of charges including assault, deadly weapon, and Grand theft auto. Ryan Victor was caught by the police and assaulted his own friend ace Wright in his own cell and was let out moments later. Ace Wright was also apprehended by the police in the middle of Los Santos, somehow escaped his cell and entered Ryan Victor’s Cell. Later while finding the charges for Mr. Wright was beaten up by Mr Victor and released  moments  later. Later it was found out both Mr. Victor was found driving on opposite lanes on the 4 and Mr Wright would later jump straight out of the moving and was pronounced dead on the scene and was later cleaned off the side of the road. Somehow Ryan Victor is on the run as you currently are and is going to be scheduled for court on Wednesday  the 20th and hasn’t turned himself in and is looking to add more charges if he does not show up in court. We found information that they ran out the front door of the penitentiary and stole a black 4 door that they had crashed and moved onto another vehicle. This Pursuit lasted for a good hour and kept the officer on their toes. 


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