May 24, 2024

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The suicidal mystery of Kevin McCallister

On Sunday January 10th we had a suicide at the Construction Site happen around 9 o clock at night. We later found out that the victim’s name was Kevin Mccallister. Kevin came from the airport and made it into the middle of Los Santos and came across the construction site and climbed one of the red cranes. Gates were left open easily accessible for him to climb up the stairs. Minutes after the police arrived on the scene Kevin slipped off the top of the crane and fell onto some wood covering the side walk on Adams Apple Blvd | Pillbox Hill. A note had fallen out of his pocket and police on scene had found out this came from his mother. This note was dated back from 2015. We are led to believe that since he had not found his mother in the past 5 years it led to him climbing the crane to end his life. We were not able to get a statement from his mother but we do send our condolences to her and her family. 


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