April 23, 2024

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Large Vehicle Chase Ends in Subject Going To Jail

Earlier this evening there was a massive vehicle chase. It started out as a vehicle stop on Joshua and an officer being shot. The vehicle had left the scene and a Bolo issued for the vehicle. Later on the vehicle was located in sandy shores and it initiated a vehicle pursuit that last about 30 mins. During this time the subject wrecked the vehicle and stole a vehicle being an f150. This pursuit continued back down to Los Santos and back up to Sandy shores ending near the airport where the suspect was tased. We learned from officer statements that the suspects name was Marcus Ferrell. Marcus had a warrant issued for his arrest for attempted murder of a LEO. Marcus is expected to be in court next month.


Failure to Yield to Blue Lights

Fleeing & Evading

3x Endangerment of Officer

Wrong Way Traveling

3x Excessive speeding 15 – 20 over

6x Failure to Yield to Traffic Control Lights

Possession of a Stolen Firearm

Possession of Stolen Property

2x Procession of a Controlled Substance

2x Failure to Wear a Safety Belt

Failure to Provide Proper Documents (ONL Insurance & Registration)

Driving on Suspanded License

Attempted Murder of LEO

Title 7(246.3)(a)PC – Discharge of a Firearm in Public

Title 6(23103)VC – Reckless Driving

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